program Design

Program Design is dedicated to those clients who have their own vision and concept as to how their future apartment will look. Our experienced team can make this vision a reality. Every element of the project is worked upon in collaboration with the investor and interior designer. Our project managers supervise the work from the intial concept and design preparation to the final handing over of the keys providing support and assistance to the investor every step of the way.

Consultation with interior designer

In order for our designer to fully understand what the most important elements should be in the design concept it is important to sit down and discuss functionality, styles, colors and general budget. This will ensure that the initial concepts will closely represent the way the owners would potentially like the apartment to look.

Presentation and choice of concept

Our designer will then prepare a few general concepts and suggestions which will be presented to the clients. Then on the basis of these concepts a final design project will be agreed upon for the apartment.

Technical project and cost estimate

Then it's time for our technical team to start work. When they receive the design drawings from the interior designer they will then begin work on the execution drawings and cost estimates. All this work is carried out in full co-operation with the apartment owners so as to make sure the final project not only meets the cosmetic and functional needs of the owners but is also executable from a technical and financial point of view.

Fitting out and furnishing

The real work begins. Over the course of about 8 weeks the construction team will complete the fitting out and potential furnishing of the apartment.

Hand-over to owner

Once the fit out team finishes it's work, the apartment owners are then invited to come and collect the completely fitted out apartment and also decide if they would like any final fine tuning or extra furnishing done.

Already have your own design project?

Even have your own materials?

Already have your own design project?

We can also co-operate with any interior designer or use any plans proposed by the apartment owner as we understand that you sometimes prefer to co-operate with your own designers and projects.

Even have your own materials?

Even if you have all your own building and fitting out materials we can provide the experienced labour and professional supervision to make sure your project is a total success.